Morning Star – Bane of Zaracor


The morning star is most commonly a medium-length club with a spiked metal ball at the end.  One large spike protrudes from the end, thus making the weapon useful as a spear also, and a series of spikes encircle the rest of the steel ball.  The type of morning star that I typically enjoy using is one that is modified as a flail.  This weapon has a short shaft with a chain attached and the spiked metal ball at the end of the chain.  Some morning star flails have several balls and chains attached.

The morning star flail is a weapon that first began to be used during the 14th century, particularly in Germany.  It is a versatile weapon, highly effective on the offensive, but difficult to use in defense.  Used by both foot soldiers and horsemen, the chain on the morning star flail allows for little exertion with a tremendous amount of force, making it very successful in fighting armor.  Because of the immense force involved, the spikes can penetrate the metal of the armor.

Using the morning star flail could be considered quite simple.  In essence: swing at your foe!  The head and/or face would be a common target, or perhaps the legs and knees, especially if you want to disable your enemy quickly.

In Rebellion Under the Stars, the evil assassin Kavamyr, uses a morning star flail in battle.  No one is able to stand against him because of the severity of the weapon, and of course, his cruelty and wickedness.


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