An Introduction to Zaracor

A Good Morning to all on this fine and beautiful summer day, and Welcome to Zaracor!  I am honored to make your acquaintance: My name is King Charles the Second and it will be my pleasure to guide across my country today.

To begin, I rule from my castle in The City, located in the top northeast region of Zaracor, very near to the coastline.  The northern border, which is adjacent to the warring country of Arostan, stretches some 150 miles until it reaches the enormous mountain range that forms the northwest border.  A large river cuts through the mountains, forming the natural border between Zaracor and the peaceful nation of Aircer.  Once the river spills into the Cerulean Ocean, the land juts out in a sort of peninsula before turning back northward, creating a coastline that serves as both the southern and eastern borders.

For the most part, Zaracor is covered in forest.  The northwest corner, particularly as it nears the mountains, spreads out into flat plains that are quite sparsely populated.  A large lake crosses the Zaracor/Arostanian border and several rivers have their source here, especially those which provide my City and people with fresh water.  The southern portion of the forests are used regularly for grazing livestock, while even further south the farmers care for their many many crops that supply the country with food and nourishment.  These farmlands stretch up along the eastern side of Zaracor, often quite close to the rocky coastline.

Approximately 50 miles southwest of The City stands the Fury’s Mountain, an ancient volcano.  It has not erupted since the rule of King Gavrail, my grandfather, but every so often clouds of smoke still float from its top and rumbles echo throughout the land.

Several deposits of coal and other useful materials exist throughout the trees and jungles as well as a few gold mines along the southeastern edge of the forests.

For the most part, we are capable of supporting our people without the help of other nations, though we do engage actively in trade with Aircer and several other countries in the near vicinity.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this overview of Zaracor!  I must be going now, as I have a message to receive from the southern region.  Be sure to return sometime soon and I will guide you across my City and introduce you to her people.  Good day!


As the author and creator of both King Charles and Zaracor, I want to announce that a map will be coming soon!  Sign up to follow my newsletter and you’ll hear more about it soon!  Thank you for joining us today!



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