Making Time When There Is None


School is about to start.  For some of you, it already has!  I go back on the 26th, and it is going to be a busy, crazy semester, since I’ve already promised my life away to two musicals and have a full load of college classes besides.

With such a hectic schedule, how in the world does one find time for the other things one loves?  In my case, that means writing, horses, art and the like.  I know there will be a lot of homework for me to get done and turn in, and that will take up a lot of time too.  Besides that, there are always distractions and other annoying things that come up to drag us away from what we would like to do.

I am working to integrate several different strategies right now, and while they  mostly relate to writing, they are applicable to almost anything.

1)  Timer

Time is an awesome gift.  Use it to your advantage.  Set a timer and do only one thing for that certain period of time.  For me, its usually fifteen minutes and a sheet of paper upon which I write frantically until the buzzer goes.  Maybe you could work on a sewing project for ten minutes at a time, or chores, or nearly anything.  Of course, this time period is free of other distractions.  Don’t set your timer when you’re expecting a phone call, etc.  I have used this strategy for quite a while, though not consistently.

2)  Space

This goes hand in hand with number 1.  Find a space (or make the space you need!) that is free of distractions and ideal for the work you need to do.  I have created my bedroom to be the perfect place – comfortable, organized, airy and strategically lit, so on and so forth.  I can sit down and write a blog post without interruption.  Sometimes, we have to work with our space, but do your best!

3)   Routine

This is the hardest one for me – creating a routine, but I’m working on it!  Ideally, I would get up around 6:30 or 7 am, spend fifteen minutes in devotions, play with horses for half an hour or so, and then write for another 15-20 minutes before getting ready to go to school at 9:20.  I know it probably won’t work quite that way right away, but at the very least, I have a goal.  Plan out a routine that makes time and energy for some of the things you want to do.

These are my 3 strategies for this semester of school – what do you think?  What works for you?  How do you make time for all the things that *have* to be done, and still do some things that are enjoyable and fun?  🙂

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