Winter’s Glory

Right now, winter is my favorite season!  Notice, I said, right now.  Even though it has been quite dreadfully cold already, I could still dance with joy simply because its not a sweltering summer day.  When its chilly outside, it is so much easier to get things done, and then so much more enjoyable to curl up by the fire with a new book (or book-in-progress, if you happen to be a writer).

Although most everything dies during the winter and colors turn dull, I still find the landscape so beautiful and wonderful.  I can revel in the miracle that somehow, beneath the ground, little seeds are sleeping, getting ready to shower the world with amazing wonder, come springtime.  Where we live, snow is a bit of a rarity, but when it does snow, or even frosts, everything becomes magical.  Only a week ago, we had a few days of sleet and icyness.  All the barbed wire fences turned white, the trees and their remaining leaves became shiny and sparkled in the sun, and the only real splash of color were my two horses and a few birds.

Do you enjoy winter?  What is your favorite part of the season?


(image found on pinterest, link HERE)

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