Word of the Week

Her evil plans were dashed to pieces by the opera singer.  She had sworn that she would never fall in love with him, but eventually she decided that he must be a magician because he wooed and charmed her into deciding to actually go through with her plans.  By that time, however, she hated him even more decisively than before and would not do anything he wanted her to.  Therefore, she could not complete her plans since it would be his will.  And that is how the opera singer thwarted yet another assassination attempt and lived to sing (or squeak) another day.


One of my favorite words is thwart.  Seriously, no matter what it means or how you use it, thwart is just a fun word to say!  Try it… Wrap your mind around it.  It doesn’t just roll off the tip of your tongue, it twists its way along, and then suddenly is gone, just like that.  This word is a magician!

According to the New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, the word “thwart” has 4 meanings.

1)      Verb.  To prevent (a plan) from being carried out; to prevent (someone) from carrying out a plan

2)      Adjective.  Transverse.

3)      Adjective.  Transversely.

4)      Noun. (Nautical).  An oarsman’s seat at right angles to the length of the boat.

Definitions 2 and 3 are pretty much the same thing.  Definition 4 is actually new to me, but pretty cool!  I’m storing that away for future reference when I write some story about seamen.  Definition 1 is the one I am most familiar with and have actually used before in my writing.

Are you familiar with “THWART”?  Do you have a favorite word?  Why do you like that word?  Let me know in the comments!


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