The History of “Rebellion Under the Stars” – Changes

On Saturday, I wrote about the earliest beginnings of my work-in-progress. Today, you’ll learn a bit more about how the fantasies of a little girl became the story now known as Rebellion Under the Stars. If you did not read Saturday’s post, jump over there now and read it!  LINK.

Anybody that does anything creative knows that at some point things will just start to make a mess. Ideas will get mixed up and smeared. You will grieve and cheer and throw everything out, and then pull it all back out of the trash and try again.

Original image by Futurilla, via Flickr - Creative Commons

Original image by Futurilla, via Flickr – Creative Commons

Human beings did not enter the story for quite some time, even as the plot began to form and change. It also took a while before I started to cut out characters. Of the original group of seven or eight young horses, today there is only Selena and Jonathon, my two main characters, and a few references to Kiowa, a friend of Selena’s.

About two or three years into this project, I realized that I did not have a solid plot, and since it had been brought to my attention that one needed a good plot for a good story, I began to poke around and see what I could find to create one of these “plot” things. Since several of my characters were closely involved with the government, or rather royalty, of my fantasy country (which by now had moved out of the clouds onto solid ground), I tried out some political tension, without knowing exactly what that meant, of course. For a while, a few romantic ideas took the main stage as I wrote and rewrote and edited things, and various family problems surfaced as well. A lot of this had to do with the fact that I was growing up, so my emotions and thoughts about the world and life were very strong.  I was nearly sixteen before I actually started to take a hard look at my story.

But that is not the point of this post.

Another “issue” with my originals was the absence of a villain, or even the presence of something bad. There were superficial problems that created tension, and later on they developed into deeper things, as described above regarding plot. Somewhere in this mess of things, though, one of my child characters was kidnapped and from that point on, I had a “bad guy.” Sort of.

In essence, I had a pretty massive mess on my hands.

And then, the idea of publishing came along. How did that happen and what did it do to my story? Sorry, that is my secret – at least until next time!

What do you think? Have you ever had something, maybe not a writing project, but perhaps a dream, that morphed into something completely different?  

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