The History of “Rebellion Under the Stars” – To Publish?

Just in time to finish up February is this last post about the history of my work-in-progress. To read my other two posts, go here.


Original photo by Melissakis, H via Flickr.

Original photo by Melissakis, H via Flickr.

Once my story started to take on more substance and shape, and especially once I had a decent plot that revolved around humans, others around me started to take notice. I began to get the question of “what are you going to do with your story?” and a couple of friends even said, “It would be so cool to get published!”

Even though the idea had crossed my mind more than once over the years, I had never much entertained it as anything more than a fantasy, an unreachable dream. But with each question, my interest grew and I started to like the idea. My book. My writing. My story. In print? This was starting to sound good!

Of course, once I started to look into the reality of publishing, I started to get scared! It’s a big world out there, and one full of rejection and lots of money. Definitely one I was scared to get involved in at the time, especially being a young girl.

As I continued to work on improving my plot, building my characters, and all that exciting and tedious work, I came to realize that I did want to publish. I wanted this story out there in the world. I wanted to make a difference.

Since then, I have done a lot more research, and the publishing world does not seem quite so terrifying – I think I’m ready to dive in!


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