Camping in April

Camp NanoWrimo was almost a month ago, but better late than never, right?  Best summary: I made it through alive!

The entire month was, overall, a success. I worked long and hard at the sequel to my to-be-published novel “Rebellion”. Right now, my affectionate title for this sequel is “Secrets”, mostly because I keep learning new things every time I work on it!

I completed my goal of 30,000 words for the month, but that was not enough to finish the story. I think that about 25,000ish more words will finish it, but regardless, I’m happy with the results.

My first thought about the month now is how difficult it was at times. I had several days where there was just NO inspiration. I am very chronologically minded so I can’t just skip from scene to scene if this one isn’t working. I have to push through it and make it work somehow. There were days where I didn’t write and just focused on other things and there were days where you couldn’t drag me away from the computer because I was so into the story.

Lots of planning took place. I did not get nearly as much planning done before Camp began as I wanted to, but I planned a lot throughout the month. I took my notebook along to class during the week and would scribble information and backstories on my characters during government lectures or before choir started. I would go to sleep planning in my head what I would write in the morning. The story was always in the back of my mind and I felt like obsessed or addicted or something. Really odd feeling.

I learned a lot about persistence during April. At times, especially when I hadn’t written much for a day or two and my word count was looking dreadfully low, I thought I would never get to the end, but I had made it a goal to win and somehow I kept pushing through. Still not completely sure how I did it, but I think the write-in’s that the Camp hosted were a big help.

Another interesting thing I gained was the interesting ability to know when I should push through a difficult scene that just WOULD NOT WORK and when I should step away from the keyboard and take a break. Sometimes, especially when I was pretty behind on my word count, it would be so very hard to get up and leave the story, but it really did help.

The last thing I learned about was how to let go and just write! For almost every day of the entire month, I was up by 6:30 and sitting down at the computer by 7. That chunk of time from 7 to 7:30 (ish) was devoted to writing and I had to pour out as many words as possible for 30 minutes. A big part of learning to “just write” was turning off my inner editor. I am so terrible at making every sentence perfect before  moving on to the next one that its hard to get anywhere sometimes. You can’t do that in Camp and I had to learn not to. Hard lesson, but a good one. Editing can come later.

One of the best writing experiences I’ve had thus far and I hope to have more of them.

Hint:  the July edition of Camp is coming up.


Since it has been ever so long since my last postings, hopefully everyone is still around and alive. Good to be back! 🙂

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