Why Writing is Appealing

Writing is one of my passions that I don’t often talk about (well, except for on this blog, obviously!) because it is something that always comes from way deep down inside of me. I feel very connected to every piece that I write because it almost always contains part of my soul. Is that weird? I hope not.

Anyways, I felt compelled to write about the reasons why writing appeals to me. Hopefully those of you who write can relate, and those of you who don’t will be let in on some of the little secrets of us insane wordists. Yes, wordists is definitely a real word. To me, anyways.

Photo by marie paule3 Inspiration much?

Photo by marie paule3
Inspiration much?

First of all, you should know that I love to people watch. I interact sometimes and converse as well, but people watching is probably one of my favored activities when out in public. I think about the different traits that I see in those around me and find myself constructing various scenarios, wondering what this person or that person might do in that situation. I recreate conversations and change words based on a what-if-this-person-was-slightly-something-else idea. Pretty soon I have all the pieces I need for a novel full of characters! Typing this all out makes me sound like a really odd person. I’m not, really.  O.o

I am also a nature person. Nothing replaces the sound of the wind or the sight of a forest, or anything outside really. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I like descriptions and settings. I take pictures of them. I paint them. And, of course, I write them. Usually, if nothing else will come to me, I can describe some random place in the world and make a decent 500 words out of it. Good exercise, actually.

Picture by me.

Picture by me.

Any writer will tell you that they write because it is a form of art. It is expressive, a creative outlet, whatever term you might use. And yes, that applies to me too. Nothing further to say on this point.

Finally, based on the above information-dump, you might like to know that I happen to be an introvert. A fairly extreme one at that. Writing is a quiet pursuit (unless a character does something against my plot) that I can do by  myself. Yes I have animals and I paint and all that, but writing is special in its own way. It allows me a freedom that I just don’t get to have in the company of other human beings.  Well unless you consider my characters as real people, but that is another discussion.

Now you know exactly why I write on this blog, and why I write in general! If you’ve never tried to write, maybe you can try it out? Remember, you never have to show someone else your work until you feel comfortable with it. Even journaling is a terrific way to start. Good luck!

In the comments below, let me know whether or not you write, and what your reasons are! I look forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Why Writing is Appealing

  1. A lot of your points resonated me 🙂 I like to write because of the great creative outlet it gives, but also the fact it is a solitary task. I am also a very introverted person, and I like how writing gives me that space and freedom to do something myself.

    Great post!


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