Castle Settings

Have you ever noticed how many books have some sort of setting that involves a castle? Maybe it is just because my usual reading list involves fantasy and historical (1600-1800 era) novels, but so many stories have castles in them.

In Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, the Rochester house always seems like a castle to me. In all the film adaptations that I have seen the place is shown as being built in the style of a castle, at least from the outside.

By castle, I don’t necessarily mean a solid stone building with only tapestries covering the cold walls, and primitive amenities. I also mean any historical architecture that involves towers and fortress structures, and gates/walls, and some body of water, whether it be a moat or a lake. On second thought, that description is extremely vague.

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I love castles and I won’t get into a ramble about them, for your sake, but they are one of my favorite settings.

Do you like castles as part of a setting in a story? Or what is your favorite type of setting?

2 thoughts on “Castle Settings

  1. LOVE castles!! I like castles as a setting for a story, especially because some authors come up with very cool ways to make the castle interesting, and to make them real. Jessica Day George did this in her Tuesdays at the Castle. Also, I just love castles because I would love to visit one someday. I love turrets and towers and pendants on the walls and the challenge of a writer to describe what a castle would be like without falling back on every castle trope there is in the book. In one of my WIP, I’m writing about a princess, who naturally lives in a castle, and making the castle ring true with history has been a big challenge. I have to make the details somehow work into the writing without just dumping a tangle of descriptions – some days I want to tear out my hair and scream! Other days it’s awesome. 😉 I’m currently trying to up my average of awesome days.


  2. Castles are my hands-down favorite! Dreamy, scary, romantic, haunted,bloody, cold, smelly and dank…best places in the world to catch my reading eye!


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