Separating Genres

What are genres? There is fiction and non-fiction and there then are subgenres in those, and subgenres in those too!  I’m afraid I’ve never been able to quite grasp the nuances and differences of all of them, rather sadly since I do consider myself a writer. Because of that, I always have trouble placing my works into categories.

First there is Adventure Fiction. Umm.. both my novels and much of my short story collection are adventurous and exciting. Surely they count as adventure, right? Lots of action and scary situations. Actually, maybe my writing is more of a thriller type…

Then there is Comedy. Before I did a little bit of web-surfing, I was unaware that there was a fiction category called Comedy. I thought that was a TV thing. After all, I always insert humor and awkward/ridiculous situations into my stories. So I’m writing comedy now?

What about Romance? In my most recent story two of the main characters are long-estranged lovers who (hopefully) get back together. Another girl is pining after her fiance who died in war and still finds herself caught between a villain she wants to help change and a man who would follow her to the ends of the earth. Yup, I’ve got a romance.

Fantasy is the usual genre that I put my novels in because basically you just have to have either an imaginary world, mythical creatures or beings, a magical system, and usually a medieval-type setting. I’ve got all of those, so it must be so!

So to sum it up, my novels consist of romantic fantasy adventure with elements of comedy. Go figure.


Now that you’ve gotten through my sarcastic interpretation of genres, feel free to watch this video and actually get some truth. I did not make it, but it did enlighten me a little bit.


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