Fuel for Motivation

In the writing world one often hears about quirks and habits that others have in order to get as much work done as possible. Some people can only work with instrumental music, some have to have complete silence. One person must have a certain type of tea or wine while the other one needs a bowl of Skittles beside their special laptop.

It is very interesting to me to read about these differences between writers. Actually, its not just writers at all, but nearly all types of artists who have these habits and must-haves.

This article over at The Sprint Shack got me thinking about why we have these habits. Does it actually have something to do with the creative processes, or is it just a mental block thing that we could get over if we really wanted to?

For myself when I write, I spend very little time getting things ready to make it go as smoothly as possible. More than likely, I pick up my laptop (sometimes my notebook), get comfortable – either stretched out across the bed or in a corner of the couch – put on soundtrack music, and just go. I’m not even that picky about my music. I have a list of Spotify playlists that I pick from randomly depending on my mood. “Soundtrack” is probably the only thing they all have in common! And the same routine goes for when I do artwork.

I don’t usually eat while I’m “creating”, although I know a lot of artists that nibble the whole time they are drawing or writing. I keep dark chocolate on hand for when I stop and think about where I’m going next. I also keep water on hand for breaks.

What, if any, are the routines and/or habits that you have when it comes to your creative ventures? I would love to do a compilation of different responses to see what seems to channel the most inspiration!


14 thoughts on “Fuel for Motivation

  1. I don’t have any habits yet except if it’s about an hour before I know I’ll seriously be needing food, I’ll say to myself ‘okay, you gotta get this part/chapter/word count down and THEN you can eat’ so starving myself motivates me xD haha


  2. This resonates with me today as my planned write fest didn’t happen due to the inconvenient arrival of a postman, followed by a telephone call I didn’t need to answer. The combination of both within a fem minutes scrambled my brain and blew the day to ashes. Tomorrow morning I lock the kitchen door after I’ve turned off the phone.


  3. My writing process used to be completely on my laptop – but I’ve found I get incredibly distracted because I’m constantly listening to songs on YouTube or checking me email, etc, etc. So in the past 6 months I’ve switched to mostly writing in a notebook, especially since right now I’m in a planning, plotting stage with my current project. If I were on the computer, that’d leave me with a lot of time to do…nothing, because I’d be so distracted! 😉

    As for eating, I really don’t do it much, and I don’t make a point to make myself comfortable. BUT I almost always write in a college-ruled spiral bound notebook with a darkish blue cover. And I use cheap Bic pens that my bank have for writing things while you’re in getting money or cashing a check. Whenever I stop in I just pick up another one. 😉


    • That is so neat! I find it easier to write on a laptop than a notebook because of my hands, but I love writing by hand whenever I can. And those bank pens are the best! Glad to know I’m not the only one who collects them 😀


  4. It is really fascinating to learn about everyone’s individual writing process 😀 It jus goes to show how personal a thing it is.

    I have to be able to write in silence, or when it’s raining- that’s the best.

    I also can’t eat whilst I write, but I must always have a cup of tea (regular) to hand! 🙂

    Great post!


    • That is awesome! I’ve tried having other food/drinks on hand, but somehow unless it is straight water and dark chocolate I can’t focus properly. I save the special drinks for when I finish my writing and want to reward myself. Tea is great though 🙂


  5. When I posted about this on The Sprint Shack, it was because I took a step back and realized how dependent/particular I get about my writing environment. Glad you’re thinking about it too! It’s always great to see the different habits of other writers!


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