More Than Inspiration

On Tuesday, I posted a song that seems to always give me inspiration. Today, I pulled out one of my old short stories (some might call it flash fiction since it is only 354 words long). This piece was inspired by a combination of Dante’s Prayer and another of Loreena McKennitt’s songs called The Old Ways.

The End.

With a desperate sigh Illyanna released her hold on the cold iron bars, stepping back.  More than anything she hated to watch the ocean, the endless rolling of the waves, but what else had she to do?  There was nothing in this place but sand, great hills of sand that surrounded her tiny prison cell.  She loathed it

A short distance away stood a tall dark figure, watching.  The gentle wind played with his long black hair and he scuffed one foot in the sand nervously.  The key in his hand seemed to grow heavier every moment, just as the decision weighed on his mind.  He had been promised these last few moments – he had only to unlock the door.  But could he bear to watch her end?

Illyanna did not see the figure in the darkness; she had lain down in the sand, trying to see a single star in the ever-clouded sky.  Her torn summer dress did little to protect her diseased body from the chilling breeze; she shook uncontrollably.

She could remember, in her tired, confused mind, a night long ago.  She could recall the feel of his arms around her as they danced slowly on the beach.  She had been warm then, comfortable.  The memory returned, unbidden, of his bittersweet touch, his gentle farewell kiss, and the image of him walking away, leaving her all alone to be subject to the evil that lurked within her heart.

Illyanna heard faintly the click of the lock and the squeak of the hinges, but she turned her head away, not wishing to see.

“I have come, my love.”  The soothing scent of cane sugar wafted over her and she felt a warm hand on her cheek.

For a moment, she wanted to believe it was more than a dream, more than just something she had wished into being.

“Speak to me, Illyanna.  I must know…”

His quiet, gentle voice echoed in her mind ominously and for a second her eyelids fluttered open.  Then she sighed deeply, giving in to her master and leaving her lover alone forever, to meet his own fate.


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