Motivation – Trying New Things

If you’re feeling down and out today, just remember that its not snowing!

Camp NanoWrimo in July left me feeling a little burned out on my fantasy story entitled Secrets. It is the sequel to Rebellion, so I’ve been with the same characters for years. It was time for a break, and was therefore very enthusiastic when a new idea cropped up! I’ve done short stories a lot, but never worked on anything else that even came close to novel status.

This story-idea is going to be a modern fantasy, having both worlds be important throughout. The fantasy part of it doesn’t scare me one bit, but the modern side of it does. I am spending more time stressing and researching* than I am outlining and writing.

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend or approve of either stressing or researching under stress. My mistake!

This journey into writing more modern-set fiction is very new to me. For example, I need to choose a place for my heroine to live. My criteria seemed simple. She works for a major (actual) newspaper in an (actual) large city. This city is located either in the Northern United States, or in Canada, but whichever it is, it has to be a place where there is snow throughout the winter, and it is not unusual to have major snowstorms/blizzards.

Maybe I’m just being overly particular, but finding this setting is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. But then, a lot of this project is new to me.

Have any of my writing readers tried a new type of genre before? How did it work out for you? If you don’t identify as a writer, have you tried something new in your own field, and how did it turn out? Do you find that new things help to motivate you?

3 thoughts on “Motivation – Trying New Things

  1. You sound like me – stressing! 🙂 I took a dive into a new and previously unknown genre a while ago when I tried to do my first sci-fi story – everything else I’ve written is fantasy. And I found out that although some concepts are different, writing any genre has a lot of things in common with writing every other genre out there. A lot of it has to do with your style and presentation. My opinion is: dive in there and do it – it may turn out terrible the first time through, but you’ll have the experience!


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