Taking Stock 001

I’ve seen this post several places around, and for the sake of some blog love, I’m linking back to The College Novelista, Meet Me At Mike’s, and Fox’s Lane.

DSCF0896 DSCF2105

Making :  Plans for September
Cooking :  Oatmeal Cake
Drinking :  Herbal Tea  (Peach with Honey)
Reading:  Mattimeo, by Brian Jacques
Wanting:  Another 5 hours of sleep
Looking:  Out the window at the beautiful stormy clouds
Playing:  2048
Deciding: Whether or not to go out for a horseback ride before work
Wishing:  There was school today (what is wrong with me?!)
Enjoying:  The stillness of the rainy morning
Waiting:  For an email from my piano teacher
Liking:  Gentle music to go along with my motivated writing
Wondering:  Where do grasshoppers go in the winter?
Loving:  The sweet taste of honey
Pondering: What to do over the long weekend
Considering: Taking a nap
Watching:  Merlin. Love that show!
Hoping:  The sun doesn’t come out today
Marveling:  That this August has not been dry!
Needing:  A new calender
Smelling:  My tea.  🙂
Wearing:  Old jeans and a t-shirt, covered in horse and dog hair
Following: Too many new blogs to keep track of! Love it though
Noticing:  That my mom looks good in pink
Knowing:  How many hours until I have to leave for work
Thinking:  About which play I want to participate in this fall semester
Feeling: The warmth of the teacup on my hands
Admiring:  A fellow horse blogger’s new barn
Sorting:  Priorities
Buying:  Textbooks
Getting:  More homework assignments
Bookmarking:  Personal fitness websites
Disliking:  Shoulder pain
Opening:  Feedly
Giggling:  Because I can’t believe that I’m graduating this fall!
Feeling:  Sleepy and fairly pleased

What a fun list to fill out. Why don’t you try it? I realized that there is so much around me that I don’t take in!


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock 001

    • I absolutely am – I’ve read every one of his books, and Mattimeo is actually a re-read.
      Any one of the links at the beginning of the post will take you to the questionare. I don’t really know where it originated exactly.


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