Taking Stock 002

I’m definitely making this a weekly feature, I love it so much!


Making :  Rice cracker and cream cheese sandwiches for snack later.
Cooking :  Nothing at the moment, but I would love to cook some pasta!
Drinking :  Ice water.
Reading:  The House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Wanting:  To stay home today.
Looking:  At maps.
Playing:  Around with a new story idea.
Deciding:  Whether or not I should dry my hair.
Wishing:  That it was already fall and not so hot during the day.  😦
Enjoying:  The cool mornings – so strange for summer here.
Waiting:  For my last textbook to arrive.
Liking:  The strange jazz music playlist that I found to listen to.
Wondering:  Why people are so mean to each other sometimes.
Loving:  The idea of going swimming this afternoon.
Pondering:  Whether I should name my main character Jasmine or Cassandra.
Considering:  Giving the waiter a backstory.
Watching:  Merlin.  Still.
Hoping:  That there is some sort of ice cream involved at some point today.
Marveling:  At the strange amount of grasshoppers still around!
Needing:  Chocolate.  Always need chocolate.
Smelling:  Mint.
Wearing:  Pajamas and a towel on my head.  Yes.  o.O
Following:  My blog stats.  Love them!
Noticing:  The time.  Eeek.
Knowing:  That work is going to be busy today. Fun, fun.
Thinking:  About my lovely horseback ride this morning.
Feeling:  More than a little pleased.
Admiring:  The courage of some people. It amazes me.
Sorting:  Through pictures from last weekend.
Buying:  More novels!
Getting:  Said novels in the mail.
Bookmarking:  Character sketch ideas.
Disliking:  My villain.  Obviously.
Opening:  New emails.
Giggling:  out of glee that I have my homework done for the weekend.
Feeling:  Not as productive as I felt at the beginning of the week.


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