What I Read in November…

November was actually a very slow month as far as reading goes. I had picked up two more books by Lori Wick and those ended up being the only two I read, due to them being easy and simple, not something I would invest any emotion into.

The Proposal, by Lori Wick was fairly good, but very very predictable. Overall, the story was good, but it bothered me a little bit that both main characters were in the 20s and yet seemed to know almost nothing about romance or certain aspects of life in general. It wasn’t really that big of a issue, but it did make me wonder a little.

Wings of the Morning, by Lori Wick was also good and I really liked the independent side of the female main character. This was the second book in the Kensington Chronicles, the first being The Hawk and the Jewel and I reviewed that one yesterday. The story line was decent, although a little hard to follow about two-thirds of the way in.

I got some light reading in during November and it was what I needed in that point in time. For December, I’ll probably pick up some books with more depth and character to them.


Don’t forget… 15 days until Rebellion is released!

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