The Start to a New Story

One of my 2015 goals is to write another novel. Don’t mistake this for an attempt to publish a second book – I simply want to have a pretty good draft finished by the end of the year. I’ve never written out a plan for writing a book, but I did this year. We’ll see if it works out!  Here is it for your wonderful enjoyment!

January:  Complete 10 pages of notes about the plot, plot twists, characters, settings, and scene ideas.

February/March:  I will be abroad, so I’m letting this goal rest for a while.

April:  Write backstory for the characters, plot, and setting. Make a timeline and set up the plot (use Camp NanoWrimo as motivation for this?).

May: Don’t even dare to look at what’s been done so far. A rest month.

June:  Read through everything written and make any changes desired. Rearrange as necessary.

July:  Write the important/favorite scenes and make changes to plot notes based on how that writing goes (use Camp NanoWrimo as motivation for this?).

August:  Start writing!  Begin developing characters and setting up the plot.

September:  Continue writing!  Intensify the plot and add a twist. Reach 30,000 words.

October:  Continue writing!  Hopefully finish!

November:  Again – leave the story alone!  A rest month.

December:  Finish as needed. Read over and make notes. Prepare the manuscript for someone else to read.


So far I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about what this story is going to be like. I’ve worked very hard on the prequel/sequel to Rebellion over the past two years, but so far it just hadn’t been panning out the way I thought it needed to. So I decided to start fresh with new characters and a new setting.

Because I love the fantasy genre, I’m 99% sure that there will be certain elements of that in there, but I think the main setting is going to be in the real world (maybe, my notes since first drafting this post have changed some!). I’m not certain exactly yet, but it will probably be a bit lighter and more fun than Rebellion was to write.

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