Finding The Creative Balance

May has been a very interesting month so far. I made some goals at the beginning of the month, which sadly have not been followed as well as they should have been. But, even though my specific goals haven’t been working out as well as I had hoped, I still feel like I’ve gotten some really good stuff done.

Last weekend and the weekend before I was out-of-town taking an opportunity to have some fun and learn about something new. I’ve been working pretty hard on my new writing project, even though sometimes I feel guilty about it because I neglect to write blog posts.


It’s the little things – like pie.

Even though I’m getting some really fun and great things done, they weren’t exactly what I had planned. And sometimes, they’re not even what needed to be done. Because I can write stories all day, but if I want to sell them, then I need to write blog posts, and update my Facebook page, and do marketing. And there are some days where I’m motivated to do that side of it, but most of the time, I prefer to write fiction.

So how do you find a balance between the necessity and the desire? For example, I’m sitting cross-legged on the couch, in my pajamas, eating my breakfast while balancing my laptop on one knee and writing this blog post. And so far, that’s all I’ve gotten done this morning. If I were more balanced and productive in the things I do, I could have eaten breakfast an hour ago, spent some time organizing a few scenes for my project, and then written this blog post, with plenty of time to spare before I have to leave for work.

But I think part of having a “creative mind” or being an “artist” is that sometimes we’re not as balanced as we would like to be. We get distracted and inspired at various times throughout the day and more often than not, we don’t stick to a very specific schedule.  (Unless I’m the only one out there like that – let me know if I am!)

Today, for me, the balance is allowing myself some freedom. Maybe all I really got done before work was write one blog post, but that’s okay. One blog post is a great thing, and because of it, I feel much more comfortable sitting down with my fiction project this evening.

Share your thoughts in the comments below – how do you strive to keep a creative balance?


2 thoughts on “Finding The Creative Balance

  1. There’s such a thing as balance? I tend to take on a lot at once, all the time, so I don’t ever really find the balance you’re talking about. I just make the best of what I have before me. 🙂


  2. For me it’s about priorities, and what they are. On a daily basis, I have school that has to be done – that’s always first so I know it happened. Then since I started writing for the newspaper, I know that once a week I have to have had something prepared to meet my deadlines there. Writing that gets prioritized according to how busy my week looks. I then have blog posts to write just like you (two blogs can be a handful!), and I try to get to those regularly. After that, fiction comes up on the list. Throughout this, I’m juggling showing up at my job, so everything has to be crammed into the spaces when I’m not working.

    Currently, that’s what my schedule looks like. I’m with you on not feeling like doing the things I had on the top of my list though – you’re not alone. Some days blog posts are NOT happening, but fiction is going well, and other days its the opposite. My opinion is that as a writer, you can schedule and plan to a certain extent, but after a while you just have to work with what you’ve got. 🙂

    And I agree. Pie counts for a lot. ^_^


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