Appreciating the Arts

On this blog, I’m a writer first and foremost. But in my personal life, I’m labeled as a musician first, then a writer.
See, I’ve always enjoyed anything that could fall under the category of “arts”. I attend college for music, participate in theatre, and draw or paint in my rare spare time. I just really really enjoy the process of being creative.

One of the things I’ve learned a lot of in recent years is how to appreciate things, even if I don’t exactly like it. I definitely prefer certain types of music, but you might not know it by looking at the variety of playlists that I’ve put together on Spotify. Last night I was listening to a selection of my favorite Broadway showtunes. Today I am playing music exclusively by Faun. This afternoon it might be jazz. I’m totally open to trying all types of music, because even if I decide that its not something I really enjoy, I can appreciate the musical work that went into it. The same goes for literary works much of the time, as well as paintings and sculptures and the like.
So I pose this question to you… Do you have one area of the “arts” that you love, or do you enjoy all of them because of the creativity? What are your experiences with the different visual and performing arts?


One thought on “Appreciating the Arts

  1. I enjoy nearly all kinds of music as well and purposely seek jazz and blues stations on the radio every once in a while. Another thing I appreciate is visual art of all kinds: paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc. I don’t have any particular favorites, just what speaks to me.


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