Rebellion - Zach's version

Official Blurb

Even as the daughter of a commoner, Selena has been going on adventures with Prince Jonathon for as long as she can remember. But this time is a little different. Something strange and dangerous is stirring within the kingdom of Zaracor, threatening its leadership.
Armed with their wits and their loyalty, Jonathon and Selena delve into an unknown mission that is fraught with dangers, but essential for Zaracor.
Meanwhile, chief adviser Master Jolan guards the King with the help of a strangely powerful girl. Both have secrets that influence and drive their day-to-day actions, secrets that could assist in the country’s struggle. Only if all of these forces work together will Zaracor remain strong and secure.

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The Setting and The Cast of Characters…

Somewhere, west of the Cerulean Ocean, and deep within the heart of the vast forest of Zaracor, there dwells a shadow, a mysterious darkness.  If one would listen to the voice of the people who live nearby, one would stay far away from that place, yet there are a few who are meant to explore.

Inside the City resides the royal family, and in particular, the prince of Zaracor, Charles Jonathon.  Always curious and eager to know about the world, the young man needs more knowledge about who he is and what is required of a king.

Tall and dark, Selena is one of the average citizens of Zaracor, at least in body.  Her imagination and intelligence, however, surpass almost anyone she has ever encountered… yet…

McKenna has always lived beneath a canopy of mistakes and dishonesty, but as she grows older, her heart tries again and again to break free.  When the opportunity arises, is she strong enough to take ahold of it?  Or has she become too hardened?

These three individuals, each with their own unique life, have a special path laid out for them.  With the help of Master Jolan, a man with his own ways and his own knowledge, and a mysterious woman who is completely unknown, yet knows all, is it possible that they can save the nation of Zaracor from falling into the hand of evil and destruction?


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