Inspirational Blogging

Weekly or monthly blogging events are seriously one of the best things ever. I love finding them, saving them for later, and reading the various tagged posts. I am, however, quite horrible at actually participating in them. Until today.

Today’s blogging event comes to you from Thistles and Whistles, a fun, inspirational blog about, as she puts it, “books, film, and life”.  Since February she has been hosting a weekly blogging event known as “Take-A-Step Thursday” that invites us to take a step back and look at what has inspired us this week, and what we were inspired to do.

So here’s my participation.  Enjoy.

I really, really love Wicked. Great musical – so many life lessons in it. I’ve listened to this song [Defying Gravity] for a long time, but this week, something in it struck a chord with me, and I’ve been pulling it up several times a day to take a listen, humming it under my breath at work, and even forfeiting the radio in the car to sing it at the top of my lungs (yes, I just admitted that).

I don’t know if I could tell you why, but something about the song and the situation that Elphaba finds herself in inspires me to do something more with my life, something new and different.

So, what have I been inspired to do?  Well, the biggest thing is that I really want to get back into the theatre, so I’m headed out to auditions tonight to see where I can be of some help.

In the little things, I’ve been inspired to pick up my productivity habits again – the ones that I dropped for a while due to being burned out in several areas. I’ve gotten more writing done in the last week than I expected, and I’m proud of it!

So, what have you been inspired by lately?


NanoWrimo – Roundup of Thoughts

Who’s preparing for November? More specifically, who is getting ready for NanoWrimo?

Love this calender… if I end up doing Nano, this will be my motivation!

Speaking of which, I haven’t decided whether or not I will be doing Nano this year. So far, I’ve won both editions of Camp in 2014, but never participated in November.  *gasp*

50,000 words is a lot of words. A Lot Of Words. Did I mention how many words is in 50,000 words?  Yes.

Anyways, between work, school (final semester!), and other projects, writing that many words in 31 days sounds like a little too much. Who knows, maybe I’ll attempt it and really drive myself crazy!

My blog reader is filling up with posts about Nano, posts about planning, about panicking, and posts with tips and tricks on how to succeed.

Compass Prose wrote a terrific post entitled The Emotions of NanoWrimo. So accurate. If you’ve done Nano, never heard about it, or are still trying to decide whether to participate, go read this post.

From the Mist of the North Woods just started her prep for Nano, and wrote about it. I am now following her blog and will hopefully get to cheer her on!

If you’re planning to participate in Nano, then I deem you crazy. But, I also think you’re awesome. And I’ll be cheering you on.

Zoey Writes is thinking of trying a different kind of NanoWrimo with blogging instead of fiction. Now this I might participate in! 🙂

If you lack some motivation, head over to Kate M. Colby’s post on motivation for Nano. Great work!

What do you think? Will you be writing like mad in November?  If you’ll be blogging about it, comment and let me follow your adventures!  🙂

Motivation – Trying New Things

If you’re feeling down and out today, just remember that its not snowing!

Camp NanoWrimo in July left me feeling a little burned out on my fantasy story entitled Secrets. It is the sequel to Rebellion, so I’ve been with the same characters for years. It was time for a break, and was therefore very enthusiastic when a new idea cropped up! I’ve done short stories a lot, but never worked on anything else that even came close to novel status.

This story-idea is going to be a modern fantasy, having both worlds be important throughout. The fantasy part of it doesn’t scare me one bit, but the modern side of it does. I am spending more time stressing and researching* than I am outlining and writing.

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend or approve of either stressing or researching under stress. My mistake!

This journey into writing more modern-set fiction is very new to me. For example, I need to choose a place for my heroine to live. My criteria seemed simple. She works for a major (actual) newspaper in an (actual) large city. This city is located either in the Northern United States, or in Canada, but whichever it is, it has to be a place where there is snow throughout the winter, and it is not unusual to have major snowstorms/blizzards.

Maybe I’m just being overly particular, but finding this setting is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. But then, a lot of this project is new to me.

Have any of my writing readers tried a new type of genre before? How did it work out for you? If you don’t identify as a writer, have you tried something new in your own field, and how did it turn out? Do you find that new things help to motivate you?

Poetry Round Up

I don’t write poetry, and yet I love it so very very much. I have tried to write poetry in the past, but it is wretched and I would never show it to the world.

Therefore, I found four different blogs that posted a piece of poetry today. I really enjoyed these pieces and I hope you will too.

Writing into the Light is a fascinating blog that regularly posts short poems. I believe they are called haikus? One of her posts today caught my eye – lost.

Bologna is a blog about… well… just about everything! It is a recent find of mine and I will now be following! Today, the post was a poem, entitled Poem for a Monday.

A Hundred Falling Veils is also one of my recent finds. I enjoy the daily poetry and in particular enjoyed this one entitled Not Really A Poem About Parsley.

I don’t know a lot about this blog, but the post caught my eye while I was looking for poetry. The photo is beautiful and the poem just as lovely. Here is Soft Shadows…

Poems are beautiful to me, and these four authors made me smile today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!