New Post on Katharine Marie!

We’ve moved officially to the new website. See us there at

Our first post at the new location was published last Tuesday and I’m sharing it here now.

Camp Nanowrimo Survival Prep Guide [Downloadable Checklist!]

I will continue to share posts here, and hopefully soon we’ll have the re-directing link working soon. See you over at the new site! It’s still under some development, but working fine. :)

New Domain Name

I’m in the process of moving this blog over to the new domain name, but since my web knowledge is limited (I’m a writer, not a tech expert, okay?) there may be some downtime between now and then.

I’m doing my best to make sure that all followers will be linked to the new site and there won’t be any issues for anyone.

Thanks in advance for understanding!!

~Katharine Marie

Making Changes

I’ve tried to keep it under wraps for a while now, but I’m planning a lot of changes to this writing practice of mine – changes that will take place in the near future.

Photo credit goes to Pete on Flickr.

Photo credit goes to Pete on Flickr.

The first big change, and one that I have talked about before on here, is purchasing a domain name and setting this blog up as it’s own website. From the looks of things right now this will happen before the end of the month, so stay tuned! I’ll make sure there are plenty of warnings and updates so that the switch won’t be too stressful (for me OR you).

The second big change is something I started when I first released Rebellion in December – my business as a writer and author. I’ve been brainstorming for a while now, and I really love to help others and see them succeed. So I will be releasing some new ideas and services with that desire as my inspiration. Too much is up in the air right now, so that is all I will say, but expect some announcements in the near future.

In July, I will be participating in Camp Nanowrimo – my first big push towards getting my next novel written – so the first big changes will come in June, and then I’ll build on it in August. This year, however, I will be updating every week during Camp Nano with my progress. Is anyone else writing for Camp this summer? You should.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but stay tuned! I’m planning a survey for either late this week or next week, and I won’t forget the usual inspirational and writing posts.

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