I am the writer of fantasy novels and short stories of various genres and lengths.  I completed and published my very first novel, “Rebellion: Under the Stars”, in December 2014.

My interest in writing started at the age of nine and never ceased. I wrote regularly, with little regard to grammar, plot, or characterization until finally settling down to work on one novel. You can read about the journey of Rebellion in this series of blog posts.

I love chocolate and traveling. There has been plenty, but not enough, of the former, and certainly not enough of the latter, However, in early 2015, I made a six week journey abroad to Europe, so we’re getting there!

Most of the time I can be found writing, reading, training/riding horses (which you can read about on my equestrian blog, Flying Free), or exploring the other fine arts. I received my 2 year Associate’s degree in the Music program at my local community college in December 2014. I am a long-time pianist and singer, and plan to return to school in 2016 to continue my education in those areas. Besides music, I also have a deep love for painting and theatre, but sadly those areas are usually set aside for when extra time comes up.

On this blog you will find accounts of my various adventures in creative pursuits, mainly writing. I also want to help and encourage others to follow their dreams, and it may take quite a number of ways to do that, but stick around.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at   marie.creativity@gmail.com

I love getting questions and hearing about and from others. I hope you’re the next one I get an email from!




With my beautiful, inspirational horse.


Exploring Rome on one of my many adventures.


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